Thanks to our good friend data corruption, the final few episodes of this series was shot three times.  This episode is nothing but blue skies for Justin, Alex, and I as we near the end of their 120 star run.  As with many of the episodes of this series, we somehow steer our conversations back to the Legend of Zelda series.  This time, we try to rank the greatest Ganon fights.

Stay tuned to every Tuesday and Friday to see Matt and the PN crew fight their way through all 120 stars!

Levels: Tiny, Huge Island, Rainbow Ride, Wing Cap/Castle Secret Star 15



Talk Box

Mario Speaking During E3 2013

SNES Multitap

History of Atari Jaguar

Atari Jaguar becomes Dental Imaging Machine

OoT Ganon Fight

Twilight Princess Ganondorf Fight

Skyward Sword Demise Fight

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