Only two hours in, and we already have 56 out of 120 stars.  Unfortunately, the game shows no signs of letting up.  While I struggle with the perils of Shifting Sand Land, Tristan struggles with the English Language.  Miraculously, we manage to keep the discussion on Mario games for the majority of the episode.

Unlike the Super Metroid Series, we will be completing 100% of Super Mario 64; that means we will be grabbing all 120 stars.

You can expect a new episode of this Let’s Play every Tuesday and Friday at 12PM EDT/ 3PM PDT until we nab every star and defeat Bowser once and for all.

Levels: Shifting Sand Land

Talk Box

Lazy Shell in Super Mario RPG

Golden Sun

8 Red Coin 1-up Challenge
(It’s in Japanese, but you get the idea)

Super Mario Lost Levels D-4