PureNintendo.com’s newest Let’s Play continues with our second episode.  Matt and Trevor return as Matt tries…a few times…to pull off some tricks he saw a couple of speed run videos; Trevor’s confidence may or may not be affected by these attempts.  Justin Sharp also joins the crew, albeit casually late, to help out Matt and Trevor with some canon precision as well as talk about what we want to see in the upcoming Star Fox for the Wii U.

Unlike the Super Metroid Series, we will be completing 100% of Super Mario 64; that means we will be grabbing all 120 stars. Today’s episode has Matt Paxton behind the sticks, with additional commentary by Trevor Gould.

You can expect a new episode of this Let’s Play every Tuesday and Friday at 12PM EDT/ 3PM PDT until we nab every star and defeat Bowser once and for all.

Today’s Levels:  Cool, Cool Mountain, Aquarium Secret Star, Jolly Roger Bay.

Talk Box: Here is where we put links to subjects we cover in our Let’s Plays. That way, you won’t have to pause the video to look up content.

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