Hey fellow Nintendo fans! Its almost that time that we have been waiting for, Comic Con 2009. I just wanted to give you guys an agenda a plans for the next few days, because its going to be a little different.


We will be heading out for NY about 7 pm et. I will try to do as much posting as I can before I leave. After we leave the site will probably be a little quite, but we will have a Twitter set up so you can check out how we are doing.


Arrive hopefully around 8 am. We have the media access for Comic Con between 10am to 1pm. Our goal is to hit up SEGA and Activision, and maybe THQ. After the doors open at 1 we will start checking out the rest of Comic Con. At 4:30 we will check out the world premier of the new Futurama movie.


Arrive around 10 am, go to our meeting with Atari at 11 am. Then at 2 pm meet up with Hudson for our meeting.


Meet with Rockstar Games at 11 am, and rap things up and be on the road by 3.

I hope you guys do not mind the slow time on Friday. I probably will not be able to hit up the Internet until we get back to our room after Comic Con, but I will see what I can do.

Site Redesign Update:

The long awaited site redesign is almost here. In fact you may see glimmers right now with the new logo at the top of the post and more will be coming as the night goes on. The best way to test a new design is to let it loose and see how it does. Sometime tonight Justin is going to loosen the beast of purenintendo 2.0. During that time you may see it appear and then disappear. You may also see some of the features stop working as the transition is made, never fear it will be back up. I hope that the transition will be seamless and painless.

I hope I will see some of your there at Comic Con. Don’t be afraid to approach us. We may looked tired and worn down, but we will be happy to see you.