*Ixthid’s Story*

Ixthid’s origins are not fully known, although it was summoned to this world by a god, most likely. What we do know is that this Beholder was captured from an underground dwelling and separated from its family. It is clearly unhappy with being in captivity and will do whatever it takes to escape. Ixthid does not have a tongue and so he communicates telepathically.

*Ixthid’s Video*

A few things of note in the video are:
Ixthid uses his lasers to attack, and does this in many different ways. Sometimes you have to jump them, sometimes dodge, and sometimes block. The move where Ixthid says “Eternal Darkness”, can only be countered, not avoided. To counter it, you must strike him at just the right time, and the move will be cancelled.
Finally, at the end of the video you see a finisher move called Crystalline Prison. Crystalline prison is a mystical combo that summons a magical shard of glass to imprison your enemy. After imprisoning your enemy, you can smash that shard with your hammer and do great damage to your enemy.