Ragtag Studio is developing a Pikmin-esque zombie title called Ray’s the Dead, which is now fully funded on Kickstarter.  Ragtag has added Wii U to their list of stretch goals.  While the Wii U goal is a bit lofty, set at $65K, there is still plenty of time left in their Kickstarter campaign to reach that goal.

rays the dead4

In Ray’s the Dead players will take control of Ray LaMorte and zombie walk through a dual story line that weaves between Ray’s life and afterlife to discover what caused Ray’s demise and what is this device lodged in his head.

Ray’s the Dead looks great and the art style would look incredible on the Wii U.  It is being developed by a small team of three industry veterans who have worked on games such as Halo Wars,Thief: Deadly Shadows, and Stubbs the Zombie.  So if you want to see Ray’s the Dead on Wii U check out the Kickstarter and support Ragtag Studio by throwing a pledge their way and getting them one step closer to that Wii U stretch goal!  There is 24 days left in their campaign which is plenty of time to reach the Wii U stretch goal but there is still quite a ways to go.

Ray’s the Dead is a game where YOU are the leader of the zombie army. It’s story driven gameplay will challenge you with a satisfying blend of action, tactics, puzzle, stealth, and adventure, all rolled into one fresh gaming experience. Sneak, smash, laugh, and moan your way through the last hurrah of the 1980’s as you take on the role of Ray, the newly risen zombie. Along the way you’ll discover who Ray really is, how he ended up dead, and most curiously, what is this giant lightbulb contraption sticking out of his head! You’ll make fantastic new friends as you build a diverse zombie army to crush your human opponents. Ray’s the dead will take you on an adventure unlike any you’ve seen before as you experience his fun and exciting tale! This a zombie game with real brraaains and heart.

rays the dead

  • YOU are the zombie – That’s right, this is your rare opportunity to side with the zombies and experience their side of the story.

  • Create and Control a Zombie Army – You’ll start the game as a single lonely zombie, Ray. You won’t be lonely for long as you grow your army adding many interesting friends along the way.

  • Recreate Your Favorite Zombie Scenarios – Set up ambushes in all manner of places by hiding your zombies in unusual places and have them spring out on unsuspecting humans at your command!

  • Visually Refreshing Art Style – Combine the charm of hand drawn 2D characters with the beauty of detailed 3d modeled environments and you have the recipe for Ray’s the Dead’s unique look.

  • Convert Humans to be Your Minions – Killing different types of humans you kill directly corresponds to the resulting zombies’ capabilities.

  • Engaging Story – Ray’s story is an adventure that the player will experience as they traverse the world and meet its many memorable inhabitants

  • Interactive Storytelling Elements – Unique playable flashbacks keep you in the game as you find out more about Ray’s past. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll experience!