This is what you will be able to do online.

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party allows you to submit your high scores over the internet and see how you compare with other players, You can also enter a contest to have the most pimped-out Rabbid in the world.

Pimp My World Contest

By selecting the world contest item in the Main Menu, you will access the Pimp My Rabbid Rabbid-tuning contest.

There is a new theme each week, Fine-tune your Rabbid to fit the theme and then take a picture of him, Submit your picture to enter the contest.

The submitting period lasts one week, througout which you can replace your Rabbid picture once a day if you’re not satitfied with it. After the entries are closed, you can visit to vote for the best-tuned Rabbids. The results are displayed after one week of voting…