UPDATE: Added a 3rd scan ^ 

Famitsu has released the first details about Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles AND confirms the existence of Resident Evil 4 coming to the Wii.

  • Umbrella Chronicles will be an ‘on-rails’ shooter, kind of a bummer
  • No free movement except with the Wiimote
  • Routes can be chosen throughout the levels
  • Gameplay in UC will be in First-Person, similar to RE Gun Survivor

Details on Resident Evil 4 were also discussed:

  • Includes all the extras from the PS2 version of the game, including Ada’s game mode Separate Ways (unlocked once the main game is beaten)
  • Uses the Wiimote’s pointer to aim and the motion sensor to reload and use knife attacks
  • Classic Controller support is also alleged
  • To be released in the next months along with–
  • –a trailer for Umbrella Chronicles

Soak up the new info. Looks like we have confirmation of what we expected a couple days ago. Let’s hope for that gun attachment to come out!

Source: Cubed3