Codename Revolution has some retailer contacts that have dropped a few Wii games and accessories that are on the release list:

Beautiful Katamari (Namco) – First reported to be in development, most believed it to be a rumour. Now it seems this game is really in development for the Wii for a late November release!

Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire (D3P) – I honestly have no idea what this game is about but it is expected to hit the Wii in September.

Namco Museum Remix and Resident Evil 4 – Well not exactly exclusive as they have been previously reported as rumours, but I must say seeing these two games on the list is great! Namco Museum Remix is to hit the Wii in October, while Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition from Capcom is expected to hit the Wii in late May (for a budget price!).

Shot Gun and Fishing Rod – Both are listed and both accessories (sold separately) are expected to hit the Wii this month.

I don’t want to claim this as fact until Nintendo/Capcom/Namco back these up.  Very cool info if true.

Source: Codename Revolution