Nintendo has released 13 years of its once-popular magazine, Nintendo Power, online. For free.

Many Nintendo fans will fondly remember Nintendo Power, one of the longest-running gaming magazines produced. The magazine ran from 1988 to 2012, sadly going the way of many other printed publications to become defunct.

Now fans can read back issues at their leisure, from issue one right up to issue 145 (which was published in June 2001).

Whether you missed out on an issue back in the 90s, or you’re a curious newcomer interested in the way things were, the Nintendo Power archive is definitely worth checking out. With old walkthroughs, reviews, and even old advertisements, everything is intact and preserved, like some kind of digital time capsule. The archive site loads quickly too, making it very easy to leaf through issues.

Have you checked out the archive yet? Let us know which issues you found interesting. I flicked through a couple and spotted an interesting Banjo-Tooie strategy guide in issue 139. It reminded me that I never finished that game …

Source: Attack of the fanboy



Nintendo will be releasing a console that will definitely appeal to old-school fans later this year, but now they have announced that they have done something else to get the nostalgia rolling even more. The company has revealed that they have uploaded the first 13 years of Nintendo Power to the internet, allowing everyone to relive the magic of a bygone era.

Anyone who has been gaming since the 90s knows how important and awesome of a feeling it was to get a new gaming magazine in the mail, and Nintendo Power was one of the best ones out there. Everything from the reviews, opinion pieces, artwork and a lot more were always great to read, and it will be great to go back and see how much has changed and how much really hasn’t.

The magazines are readable through this archive, which gives you access to dozens of issues packed with great content. It was one of the longest-running magazines in all of gaming, and officially came to an end in December 2012.