CO. ROSCOMMON, IRELAND (JUNE, 2010) – RealView Innovations, an emerging optical technology company, will launch its Deep Screen accessory screen for widescreens televisions and monitors at E3 which offers the video gamers a more immersive, multi-dimensional gaming experience. By bridging the gap between 2D and 3D, the Deep Screen enhances hidden depth cues in 2D images, creating greater depth and richer environments than standard 2D. The most significant aspect of this technology is that no glasses or special software are required. It is ready-to-use with any existing content like video games and movies.

The search for home-based 3D is at fever pitch in the world of consumer electronics. However, thus far it mostly amounts to a lot of talk with no current, workable solutions. RealView Innovations’ patented Depth-Enhancing Technology is the only viable alternative to the global search for a user-friendly, multi-dimensional viewing experience. And the Deep Screen is incredibly easy to apply by simply attaching it to the front of any size-compatible monitor or TV.

Product Highlights:
· Unique patented lens technology
· Sleek design attaches directly to TV or monitor in seconds
· More realism, greater depth, richer environments than existing 2D technology
· Comfortable viewing that requires NO glasses or software of any kind
· Can be used with existing content like video games, movies and television
· Compatible with 20-23” screens (32” and 42” available summer 2010)
· The closet available 3D solution available

“The Deep Screen is simple to use and the most effective current solution to the 3D quandary,” stated Eamonn Ansbro, RealView’s Executive Director. “When used with video games, the Deep Screen creates a tremendous sense of depth and immersion. We are very excited to share it with the video game industry at E3 and look forward to the same enthusiasm and feedback we’ve received from other shows around the world.”