Development studio iFun4All has announced that its 2015 2D arcade game is coming to the Nintendo Switch this week, with a 24 November release date.

The steampunk-themed game  sees you play the role of a mechanical bird delivering messages, aided by the power of teleportation. You’ll have to use your special power to avoid spikes, barbed wire and windmill blades. Power-ups provide temporary benefits like invincibility, the power to crush crumbled walls, or a speed boost. The game features sixty atmospheric levels, soaked in shades of red to give it a rather unique look.

The Polish studio has several other games for the Nintendo Switch, with Green Game: Timeswapper coming out just last week and Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder heading to the eShop later this year.

Are you looking forward to some steampunk action on your Switch later this week? Check out the official Red Game Without a Great Name trailer below and let us know your thoughts.