As if One Screen Full of Jackasses Wasn’t Enough…

Greetings Stuntmeisters!

Everyone’s favorite group of ‘asses’ are back and this time they are smaller than ever with Jackass the Game DS for the Nintendo DS® system.

Jackass the Game DS is a bone crunching, free roaming adventure title that successfully combines the sheer stupidity and outlandish stunts made famous by the Jackass television series with the unique features of the Nintendo DS. Players are challenged to prove their worth to the cast of Jackass across five massive, open-ended environments, all while showing off some serious “Jack-robatics.” Jackass the Game DS also gives stunt seekers the ability to create a character and unlock a near limitless combination of customizable items and outfits as they fling and toss their character across each landscape in true Jackass fashion. As if there wa s a right way to launch a body from a garbage truck, players can now raise specific attributes, making stunts a lot easier to perform. The cast of Jackass isn’t all gamers will face – multiplayer modes let them compete against their dumb little buddies through a range of head to head challenges.

Jackass the Game DS is rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB. Jackass the Game is already available for PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system.