Can you twist, tilt and turn the gun just like the sword?

Yup. In practice, the motion is a little bit more limited because in general you want to keep the business end of a gun pointed at the bad guys, but the same technology that animates the sword in the hands of our hero animates the guns. – Jason Vandenberghe, Creative Director

Can you hit with the sword handle?

“Yup. Well, actually, let me answer that as “sort of”. I think what you mean is “can I turn the Wii MotionPlus around and bash someone in the face with it?” The answer to that question at the moment is no – we haven’t found a good way to integrate that move into our current movement system that is satisfying. Sigh. However! We do have a combo move that is a handle-bash to the face… which is the next best thing, IMHO.” – Jason Vandenberghe, Creative Director

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Also, here’s a 1440×900 version of the artwork above