Wiitalia: what about the lack of a multiplayer mode?

JV: I really wanted a multiplayer mode for the game, I had many ideas concerning it. One of my favourite weapon in a multiplayer FPS was the Type-1 sword in Halo, it was so satisfying… I would have loved to make that kind of game.

We didn’t leave multiplayer off because it couldn’t be done, I think it could have been done. We had not enough time or resources to make a multiplayer mode. The choice we had to make was to make either a good single-player or an average crappy single & multiplayer game, and the good games are always the right choice.

If we will have a chance to make a sequel I would love to work on a multiplayer mode.

Even though Red Steel was a sub-par game, I enjoyed the multiplayer. Even though I would have loved to see multiplayer in Red Steel 2, I can not really argue with the thinking of Mr. Vandenberghe.

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