Reggie Asks

Mr. Iwata started the Iwata Asks interviews because, with his background as a game developer, he felt he shared the same way of thinking as the developers he would be interviewing, which would allow him to dive in to ask interesting questions.

Two weeks before conducting this, I participated in an interview and was asked if I would ever consider holding an Iwata Asks. I answered honestly that in order to do an interview like this, it had to be on a topic where I had deep knowledge and high passion. Certainly this is true for the North American media business. For almost 30 years I have participated in the changing media landscape. I spent time in the content side of media with MTV Networks. I am an avid consumer of media, and debater of its direction with colleagues. So holding a Reggie Asks on this topic was a ‘no-brainer.’ I enjoyed the experience, and look forward to more situation like this one where I can leverage my background to help explain Nintendo’s future direction.


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