“On each of our platforms their are over 140 new titles coming as well. There’s going to be just ton’s of software. Here’s what you see in terms of third party. You see games like The Beatles: Rock Band that started out on competitive platforms quite strong, but the holiday season looks to be all Nintendo in terms of what they’re going to be selling. You take a title like Dead Space: Extraction. Really good reviews…we would have liked to have seen some more marketing support to really drive that home. There’s tons of great content out there…absolutely.”

“For those core gamers that aren’t playing the Wii day-in/day-out, I’m saying look at what you’re missing. They’re missing Dead Space: Extraction…that is a high quality title. Madworld was a good title, The Conduit was a very good title. One of the questions that I keep asking is, for all of those core gamers who cry the blues about the lack of content, there’s been a lot of great content. Open up your wallet and buy some.” – Reggie Fils-Aime

I completely agree!  The so-called ‘core’ gamers need to stop complaining with the Wii’s supposed lack of good hardcore titles.  With Dead Space: Extraction, Madworld, The Conduit, and in a week, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, there’s no excuse not to be happy with the Wii’s lineup of software!  Not to mention Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles is also releasing in a couple weeks.