GAMEPRO: At last year’s E3, Nintendo announced its “Blue Ocean Strategy” for expanding the games audience. Where is Blue Ocean at, and why choose this strategy?

REGGIE FILS-AIME: It was very clear [for us] looking at the Japanese business results that the total market for games was declining. And interestingly, even when you look at the U.S. business results for hardware and software for console, portable, and PC, there was a five-year time period where the numbers were just bubbling around $11 billion more or less. They weren’t moving; the industry was stagnant!

We had to do something fundamentally different. So here we are at the midway point of 2007, the total industry is up just under 50 per cent, Nintendo is driving just under 70 per cent of that growth, and we’re launching new accessories, like Wii Fit. Our focus is to continue driving this. It’s making sure we have products for the Core gamers as well because they are still an important part of this industry, while at the same time making sure we have products for the expanded industry.

GP: Then, do you feel from Nintendo’s point of view that the Blue Ocean message has been delivered?

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