Mercury News reporters Mike Antonucci and Troy Wolverton sat down with Fils-Aime to talk about this shift and Nintendo’s resurgence:

Q: The Wii has been hard to find in stores ever since it launched. Will there be any change in that any time soon?

A: Mr. (Sarturo) Iwata (president of Nintendo) has already publicly said that we are increasing our capacity.
He did not give a timeline, and he did not give specific numbers. What I will say is we are all acutely aware of the issue. And we all recognize that we have a limited period of time to address the issue, because more so than the core gamer, the casual gamer will get frustrated if they cannot get their hands on the product. And so, certainly from a total company perspective, we’re making a full-court press. Now the interesting thing about this – and this is where I’ll look back – we had the same issue with DS all last year. And so, when a product is in such high demand, you can’t solve it overnight.

The fact that we sold 494,000 (consoles in January) … certainly speaks to getting as much product into the marketplace as possible.

Q: To what extent have you guys been surprised by the demand for the Wii?

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Source: mercurynews