NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, UK Wednesday 4th February 2009: Oxygen Games™ introduces the first in a new range of games designed to relax and stimulate your mind; Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles!

Relax, Play and improve your mind. Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles, with its extended gameplay and variety of features, gives you the chance to test yourself while having fun. Guaranteed to stimulate and surprise with hours of gameplay to keep you entertained, Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles is a relaxing and entertaining way to keep your mind challenged and stimulated.

Incorporating two number based games, Sudoku & Picture Logic, Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles will not only bring you hours of fun and relaxation, but may also improve your mental skills.

Picture Logic is a numbers based grid game in which you use logic to solve puzzles and in doing so build a picture! See if you can guess the picture before you finish the puzzle. With hundreds of pictures to guess, and grids building from 10×10 to 15×15, Picture Logic will challenge you to beat the clock & find the picture before your time runs out! The idea of the game is to match numbers along the side and top of a numbers grid. As you match up the numbers a picture will appear, when all the numbers match the picture will be finished. The difficulty of the puzzles increases from easy 10×10 grids to 15×15 grids which will challenge even the ardent puzzle fan. 500 Picture Logic puzzles are available providing hours of entertainment.

In the ‘Challenge Me!’ mode you can test yourself against 30 puzzles. When you have finished, a report will let you know whether all that mind exercising is making you smarter! In ‘Free-play’ mode you are free to play whichever challenges you wish.

Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles – Relax, Play and Improve Your Mind!