Hidden Logic! Unlock the numbers

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, UK Weds 25th February 2009: Oxygen Games™ introduces the next in a new range of games designed to relax and stimulate your mind; Challenge Me: Maths Workout!

Relax, Play and improve your mind. Challenge Me: Maths Workout, with its extended gameplay and variety of features, gives you the chance to test yourself while having fun. Guaranteed to stimulate and surprise with hours of gameplay to keep you entertained, Challenge Me: Maths Workout is a relaxing and entertaining way to keep your mind challenged and stimulated.

Hidden Logic! The object of Hidden Logic! is to guess the values of your opponents cards whilst stopping them from guessing yours. Initially the cards of your opponent are face down on the Nintendo DS™ screen – a correct guess (from 0-11) will reveal the card. Play to reveal all your opponents cards before they reveal yours!

As with all other Challenge Me! titles there is a Challenge Me! mode in which you can test your playing ability against the clock and see how much your maths abilities have improved! The initial puzzles are quite easy but the puzzles become progresively more difficult to really test your abilities. Find out if you could be the next Einstein!

Hidden Logic! is an entertaining and enjoyable way to relax and improve your powers of logical reasoning!

Challenge Me: Maths Workout – Relax, Play and Improve Your Mind!