Aportion of a Siliconera interview with Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid…

S: But two of your games eventually did get picked up! They’re the ones codenamed “Spirit” and “Face” I think? Without getting into too many details, what do you think was different about those? What made it happen?

JW: Yes, they are code-named Spirit and Face. The difference with these games is that they’re filling a void in the market where either the quality is not currently there or the genre does not yet exist. Spirit, for example, required us to create a substantial portion of the game ourselves, before any publisher signed on, to prove what we wanted to achieve could be done on the platform. Sometimes you just have to put your money where your mouth is and allow publisher to play it rather than imagine it.

We’re fans of games as well as developers of games. Both Dementium and Moon were created because we love games like Silent Hill and Metroid, and both of our games filled a hole in the market that wasn’t being filled by anyone else.

Resident Evil was the closest you could find to a survival horror game on the DS in 2007, so we made Dementium to provide something we personally wanted to see and play on the platform. It was the same with Moon; Metroid [Prime:] Hunters is an impressive game, but we felt that it did not deliver the Metroid experience we wanted, and there was no sign of Metroid 2 for the DS.

When I talked to Jools Watsham, he was very excited about these two titles. I am curious what direction Renegade is going after the Dementium series.

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