A few weeks ago we reported that you will need to have a access code to download the Wii Speak channel in December, and that you will only be able to get that code with the purchase of Wii Speak. The question was raised, what if you buy a used Wii Speak, and the code has already been used? Nintendo has put many used game buyers worries to rest by allowing people to request a new Wii Speak number.

Nintendo can confirm that when consumers purchase the Wii Speak accessory, they are provided with a Wii Download Ticket with a unique number. The ticket, which can be redeemed via the Wii Shop Channel,will enable the user to download the Wii Speak Channel free of charge to a single Wii console.

Any consumer who may have misplaced their Wii Download Ticket number for the Wii Speak Channel or require a new number following a Wii exchange may contact their local Nintendo Customer Services department, where they can request a replacement Wii Download Ticket number.