Manic, a German magazine, has given us some more info on Umbrella Chronicles.

– Besides the mansion, the police station from Resident Evil II, and the train from Resident Evil Zero have been confirmed as levels

– Half of the game takes place in locations from other games, the other half puts you in enemy/company strongholds

– Carlos Oliviera was confirmed as a playable character. Wesker is definitely in the game, but he was not confirmed/denied as a playable character

– Rocket and Grenade Launcher will make a returns

– Tilting the Nunchuck allows you to slightly move the camera to reveal hidden objects/power-ups

– Resident Evil Zero, I, II, and III will all be represented. There may be levels from other games, but Code Veronica will be ignored.

– Mr. Kawata is asked about the possibility of another Resident Evil game on Wii besides the two we know of. “We haven’t decided on that yet. We think a lot about the future of the franchise, and the best ways to keep on telling its stories.”

Source: MetalGear via Gonintendo