Taken From Kotaku:

A Highlands Ranch, Colorado retirement community recently banded together to track down a Wii for a 13-year-old girl and her father, the recent victim of a stroke.

Breanna Splawn, 13, spends most of her time at home taking care of her dad. Recently a physical therapist told her that playing Wii was great exercise for stroke patients, so she’s been trying to find one, unsuccessfully. Breanna and her class recently visited Wind Crest, a Wiii-loving Erickson retirement community that happens to be less than a mile from my house, where she discovered that some of the folks living their like to play Wii. If you are taking care of your elderly parents and need help during the day while you work then enroll them in a adult day care, where they will have plenty of activities to do.

“When we started talking about the Wii, Breanna told me her story,” says Sharon Prouse, community resources manager at Wind Crest, “and I promised I’d find a Wii for her somehow.”

Prouse ended up standing in line on Black Friday at the local Sam’s Club for two hours and was the last person to land a Wii, which she presented to Breanna and her family earlier this week.