“I’ve been playing since I was old enough to hold a controller but I seriously started collecting since about 2003. Nearly all of my collection has been obtained locally, including my mint CiB Little Samson on NES. A difficult task when you live in Newfoundland, an island in eastern Canada.

I’m passionate about Nintendo because it has been so important in my life. Games helped me in more ways than I could ever describe and that is why I collect every NES game. They truly saved me as a kid and will always be dear to me. It is a piece of history I not only want to preserve but want to experience as it was meant to be.

Gaming to me isn’t just a way to kill some time. It’s an experience I immerse myself in.

I own too many systems to really name without forgetting: both the NES and top loader NES, both models of SNES, n64, game cube with GBA player, Wii, 4 original Game Boys, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, GBA, GBA SP, Game Boy Micro, DS, DS Lite, DSi XL, 3DS, and a retroduo portable to name a few. Just NES and SNES games alone are around 1100 cartridges.

I also own a ridiculous amount of peripherals and controllers for these systems too. I could talk about games and Nintendo for days.

I’m just starting to get into recording videos but my YouTube channel is youtube.com/user/WeredogX which has my world record level speedruns of mega man 3 and I can be located on twitter at @Rekka_kun Always feel free to drop me a line. I love talking to people about games from any aspect and love to help where I can.”

–          Phil Mullins: Game collector