• New Character:
    • The new character is named Sergei Vladimir. He is the leader of Umbrella and is somehow connected to the UBCS (of which Carlos of the Bio 3 chapter belongs). There’s a shot that shows Wesker in a showdown with Sergei.
  • Weapon Upgrades:
    • Killing zombies and other enemies will earn you points, of which you can use to upgrade your weapons to the next level, similar to RE4.
  • Chapters:
    • Each game is broken up into chapters. Shown in the screens is Biohazard 0, which has 3 chapters. It takes about 40 minutes to beat the Biohazard 0 chapter in total on normal mode. Like all Biohazard games you will be ranked with a letter grade. Your ranking is based on clear time, enemies killed, critical hits landed (i.e. headshots) and amount of files collected.
  • No Biohazard 2 chapter — really
    • New art is shown in the mag pics. Wesker overlooks his right soldier, while Chris, Jill, Carlos, Rebecca and Billy pose with their weapons.