A cute, quick game if you apply yourself.

A Tiny Sticker Tale is a fun and unique game that combines puzzle/adventure gameplay with a cute and kind story. Playing as a young Donkey, it’s your job to help the people you encounter on your journey by solving puzzles and collecting stickers. Although this is a short and easy game, it’s still incredibly enjoyable and worth the playthrough.

You start your journey on a beach where you meet a young bird who gives you a tutorial on how to play the game. She teaches you how to enter “sticker mode,” a setting in the game in which you can access the stickers on the screen, pick them up, move them around, or enter them into your journal. Doing all of these tasks is very simple.

Outside of sticker mode, you can interact with the stickers in a way where you talk to them if they are an animal, or use them in another way if they are an object. A majority of this game involves exploring the immediate area, carrying stickers around in your journal, and placing them in new areas to help you solve puzzles.

Each area is unique to itself, with environments such as beaches, forests, caves, swamps, and more.

You move from area to area by entering little paths on the sides of the squares, which takes you to the square either next to it, or above or below it. There are 49 little areas in a 7×7 grid that makes up a larger square map. This game requires a lot of running around to different areas, so gaining the map really helps you navigate. It’s also a requirement to carry sticker objects from one area to another, which can be done through your journal.

For example, one puzzle in A Tiny Sticker Tale that incorporates all the game’s mechanics would be one in which you have to find an arrow, shoot it through a crossbow, and hit a target. You find the arrow in a separate area, and must put it in your journal so that you can take it back to the crossbow, place it on top, and shoot a target with it.

You’ll come across many animals in the different areas, and helping them allows you to unlock new areas, earn trophies, and develop the story. Once the story is finished (possible within a couple hours), you can still finish the playthrough. Each sticker you pick up goes into a memory book, so you can continue to explore and fill up your memory book, finish all side quests, and collect all the trophies. This effectively doubles the length of the game.

A Tiny Sticker Tale, in all of its cuteness, is definitely worth a playthrough.