Avoider is an Indie Dev budget title from developer RCMADIAX. Much like the title suggests, in this game your object is to guide your spacecraft with the touch screen in order to avoid colliding with any enemy ships. The longer you can last before colliding, the higher the score you can get, and there is a feature to share your high score on Miiverse, which is a nice touch.

Graphically, Avoider is very simplistic. While the black background and neon color scheme is nice, your spaceship and the enemies you encounter are represented by simple triangles; and it would have been nicer if there was more detail added to their design. There is only one song in the game, but it is an enjoyable techno song which fits the game play and doesn’t come off as annoying or repetitive.


Using the Wii U’s game pad, you control your ship by dragging it along the touch screen with your stylus as you dodge enemy spacecraft while they randomly spawn from all sides of the screen. Your spaceship is deliberately sluggish, so you’ll have to quickly plan out your path in order to move out of the way in time.  As long as you remain alive, your score will continue to rise until you meet your untimely end. The game keeps track of your highest score, so you’ll always have a goal to beat. It may be a basic concept, but it’s well put together.

All things considered, while Avoider is a budget title at just $1.49, the game play does remind you of some of the simple internet browser games that used to be popular back in the day. Although the game is well put together and features a nice song to go with it, the visuals definitely need to be more interesting to look at. Unless you really enjoy playing to beat your high score, the basic feeling of the game will most likely leave a sour taste in your mouth despite the cheap price.