Now I have to admit if I hadn’t had the chance to review Battle Supremacy: Ground Assault, I probably never would have played it. The reason I chose this was out of curiosity if wanting something new to try. The question is does it disappoint?

If you’re like me and you don’t have much experience with tanks or war Sims in general, there is a very decent tutorial that is under the campaign that teaches you the basics of what you need to know to control your tank. 

As for the story, scientists were working on an AI to help solve humanity’s problems such as money, food, etc. The AI decided that humanity was the problem and waged war. That doesn’t remind me of any movie plot or anything. 

Battle Supremacy - Ground Assault

Through the course of the game, players take control of various tanks. During this time aside from attacking the enemies players must protect convoys, look for survivors and other war-themed tasks. Completing missions and other tasks unlock pieces of tanks that can be used to upgrade and customize your tanks. 

Aside from the main campaign, there are a few other ways to play. Custom gameplay where you can play from Last team standing, King of the hill, and my favorite Capture the base.  Online play is offered, however, I never got paired in a match because of the lack of an online community. So I never had a chance to experience the two online play styles of Battle and Brawl. The last style of play Drills which were basically one-off missions with similar gameplay to that of the campaign. Playing it though did not come without rewards, once completed you earned another tank part to further customise your tanks. 

Graphicly the game looks fairly decent. If it was snowing or raining it would splash on the screen. Driving through water would have a similar effect. During gameplay, at times the game’s frame rate would slow down from time to time, nothing game-breaking but it at times slightly disrupted a battle. 

The ability to customise tanks was fun. For me, not knowing anything really about tanks made it kind of more what looks good as opposed to functionality. While constantly unlocking new parts it was always interesting to be able to piece them together and see what could be made.  

Battle Supremacy - Ground Assault

Depending on what types of parts you put on the tank would determine what type of weapons it had. I enjoyed the land mines. There was something satisfying about being chased and dropping a mine. Other times I would find a place where it only had one way in and drop a mine at the entrance and watch the enemy roll right into my trap. 

Playing Battle Supremacy: Ground Assault was an enjoyable experience. I enjoyed playing through the campaign even if the story was something I felt like I had heard before. The optional drills was a nice touch, you didn’t have to play but if you did you got more pieces for customisation. It is kind of a shame there isn’t more activity in the online gameplay, I would have liked to have tried. Overall there is enough here to be a solid experience.  Battle Supremacy - Ground Assault