Qbby is back! But this time he isn’t alone. He has Qucy by his side to save the world from meteorites of sludge. Will you save the world with them? Let’s see what BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL!  has to offer.

As usual for this series, you create blocks to navigate through levels in this puzzle platforming adventure. But you must avoid spikes, pits, electric blocks, and go through concrete to name a few of the obstacles on your journey. Throughout the over 270 stages, you collect crowns, to earn medals, and try to use the least number of blocks, to earn ribbon medals. Collecting medals lets you buy assist items, music, comics, and balloon challenges. And collecting at least thirty ribbon medals lets you randomly draw an item for your character to wear on their head, eyes, mouth, and body. I like this series concept and art style, although I find the playthrough can be a bit tedious and slow. There are two main game modes to play through, in BOXBOY!+BOXGIRL! and one you unlock, so let’s check them out.

Starting with a single player mode, A Tale for One, you play as either Qbby or Qucy, having the option to switch your character before entering a level. As you progress, you learn new abilities to use, like pushing blocks and hopping with blocks. The story is nice and has a good ending that leaves you wanting more. I feel like there was a missed opportunity to have Qbby and Qucy have their own special strengths and be similar to Mario and Luigi from the Mario series. I didn’t notice any difference playing between the two other then Qucy having a bow, eyelashes and walking more daintily.

The new game mode in BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! , A Tale for Two is multiplayer with the option to play single player as well. Although, it’s a bit tedious to play it in single player because you have to switch back and forth between Qbby and Qucy as you play. But with two players it’s much better. Although I don’t think I’ve ever been the biggest fan of co-op puzzle games, I can see someone who does delight in them having a lot of fun with it. Also, customizing the character is pretty nice as a way to personalize them. You could do that in any of the game modes, but I especially liked it here.

Once you beat A Tale for One you unlock A Tall Tale, another single-player mode, where you play as the rectangular Qudy. I liked this mode the most because I found his character fun to play as. His shape allows him to grip the side of blocks when turned and makes the levels a bit easier to find your way through. It’s also pretty funny how he awkwardly has to turn to duck beneath doors, or whenever he walks turned.

BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! is an enjoyable and adorable game. It has charm, and plenty of content, and features. I would say its price at $9.99 to be a fine deal and worth getting if you enjoy puzzle platformers.

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