Braveland Trilogy is a Strategy-RPG from Ellada games. It has the original Braveland: Warrior, Braveland: Wizard and Braveland Pirate. All games that were previously released on mobile devices all included in one package.

The story is not too in-depth. You start out as a small villager that lives in a peaceful quiet village. It was suddenly attacked by bandits and decide to go after them. Your leader is Nolan whose father was apparently a soldier. You win battles and his level will increase which allows you to add perks to your units whether it’s defensive or offensive.

Braveland Trilogy

The first few battles serve as a tutorial on how to play. They’re fairly easy and simple explanations that teach you the basics of the game. Within 10 minutes of gameplay, you’ll pick up more characters such as villagers and as well as archers. Each unit has a number below them that tells how many units are in the Squad. When in battle and attacked the unit loses all of its HP during an attack you will lose one from that number of the squad count. If a unit loses all members of your squad that unit is finished until the next battle. However at the end of the battle if you win for the cost of coins you can gain that number back.

Braveland has all that can be expected of a strategy RPG. The gameplay is adjustable from easy to hard so players can set it to their skill level. Having the main leader who’s overall stats effect that of the army he was controlling was an interesting touch, however, it still felt like the game was missing something.  

Braveland Trilogy

While playing through the game I failed to see the difference between the battlefields. Of course, the developers tried to make each level distinct. However, the changes made were slight visual changes. Such as a sawed-off tree or broken fences. Not too many of the changes were enough to make each individual battlefield feel different. Many characters seem to be reskinned or reused from various games. The further I got into the game the less it felt like I was making progress it just seemed like the same thing over and over again. The overall dialog and story were nothing to jump for joy about either.

Characters basically have two options: a regular attack or some sort of power attack that would regenerate over time. There wasn’t a variety of magical spells or weapons at all just seemed very much the same.

The other two titles in the pack, Wizards, and Pirates respectively, was a move of the same and failed to really bring anything new to the titles. If you were to shuffle the games together and play a level from Warriors, then one from Wizards, followed by one from Pirates it would be hard to tell one from the other.  Braveland Trilogy My time with Braveland Trilogy was enjoyable however it still felt like there could have been a lot more done to add variety to the games. At the asking price of $14.99, it feels like a lot to spend on a so-so title, even if it breaks down to about $5.00 a game. It wasn’t a terrible experience but when Braveland had something going for it, not enough focus seemed to be placed into it.