Catch a Duck is a puzzle-action game with the goal of catching a duck; much like the title implies. Luckily, this game is a noteworthy improvement over some previously published titles from Ultimate Games. It isn’t as easy as it sounds though, as along the way you must be on the lookout for traps, hunters, and larger predators.

When navigating through the woodland maze players can hide in tree trunks avoiding predators. Levels also contain a hole that they can go down to not only avoid a predator but transport the fox to another part of the stage. A shaking bush indicates an animal might be hidden inside. If a player so chooses, they can run into the bush scaring out whatever is on the inside. In some levels, the shaking bush contains the duck, others may have a predator or rabbit.

As the stages progress, so does the difficulty. You also are granted the option of attempting to get stars, and capturing other prey like rabbits. Each level contains three stars that are located in a discreet and difficult area of the stage. Collecting such stars adds some bonus points, as well as unlocking a bonus stage if enough are collected. Capturing rabbits along the way helps add a higher score too!

The graphics are nothing to brag about. However, for this title, that is not needed. Audibly, the sound effects such as birds and insects sound realistic. All of the animals are clearly voiced by a human, which I would normally frown upon, however, for this release brought a certain kind of special charm. It seemed well-suited and made Catch a Duck a little more enjoyable.

Overall, Catch a Duck was a fun experience. Outwitting the larger predators by getting them caught in traps, or forcing the hunters to shoot each other, was enjoyable. The puzzles were challenging but not overly difficult, which is appreciated. Catch a Duck isn’t anything too groundbreaking, but it’s a fun title that is priced right and worth your time.