A couple of years ago office setups weren’t really a thing that was time affordable for me, but I had a growing fascination with how each person likes to have a unique setup. Eventually, I acted on such fascination and got my own setup – one that got better over time but definitely was not top of the line at the start. The thing holding it back was a good office chair… an article essential in any great office setup.

My previous office chair had artificial leather and it was peeling off too, sadly. This became a strain for long sessions of gaming and writing – which was definitely not convenient for my work with Pure Nintendo.

Seth's Old Chair

Due to such unfortunate circumstances, I contacted E-Win Racing about doing a re-review of one of their Ewin Champion Series gaming chairs, and they graciously accepted.

Full Rotation of Seth's New Chair

This experience was new to me, having never been sent physical products without compensation. Thankfully, Ewin Racing made it as breezeful as ordering might be on their site. The package arrived within just three days, which was unexpected. There were a few issues setting the chair up, but these were resolved within a few hours. And I truly believe it was a user error rather than a defect. The instructions are fairly detailed, but those hex bolts are still difficult to screw into the chair.

I was able to choose a gaming chair of any color from any of their multiple series on offer. I ultimately went with the Champion series as this was the best fit for my height, and came in a black/red color variation. If black or red is not your cup of tea there is also blue, orange, pink, white, key lime green, or even “Blood” if that’s more your style. There is definitely no shortage of colors available! Whilst Ewin Racing gaming chairs are not meant to be trenchant chairs, it does fit that objective quite well… These Ewin Racing office chairs are about as sturdy as they are cool.

Framework of Champions Chair

As I said, it’s as durable as it is stylish. Due to its memory foam, though, it also creates a very comfortable session of gaming – I’ve been able to have sessions twice as long as a result. Although being comfortable is about more than just memory foam… It is essential to be able to adjust the position of everything. Luckily, adjustments is another commodity that Ewin Racing chairs excel at. You can adjust how far back the chairs go as well as the position of the armrests (which is surprisingly more useful than one might imagine).

I found myself adjusting the armrests on a daily basis; they can be positioned to the far left, right, or just right in the middle. Unlike my previous chair, the armrests are made of PU leather. This was a good change as it helps in preventing the leather from peeling, while also remaining very soft (despite appearances, it is soft). Adjusting the armrests is useful when you want to lean back and recline in the chair whilst watching Netflix. You can’t watch Netflix without leaning the chair far back, so I’m grateful this is something I can now do. In terms of the armrests, well, It took some getting used to but it was well worth it. It’s also worth noting the pillows can be left on the chair or taken off – It is your choice, thankfully.

With all the positivity aside, I respectively have a few complaints. Firstly, the chair is very difficult to maneuver unless you are pushing it; I found myself having to put a lot of force into moving the chair even a little closer to the desk (I presume this is due to its weight). Secondly, as experienced by Kaelyn Daughtery, there isn’t a footrest… A footrest would prove useful for those long television binge sessions – I found myself using it for casual relaxation more than my previous chair, though, which is a plus either way.

Overall, despite its trivial flaws, Ewin Racing should be anyone’s go-to company for office chairs; that is, if you can afford them. The prices are quite hefty. But if you can get one, I highly recommend doing so. And if you are getting one make sure you find the right one for you; E-Win has a strong “one size doesn’t fit all” mantra. They pride themselves on finding the chair that matches your height and weight… In fact, these are as close to custom-built chairs as you can get, with chairs for all height and weights. The irony of it all is that whilst it is not exclusively meant for racing, it is perfect for long durations of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Whilst prices might not be ideal, keep in mind the comfort on offer is incomparable, making it well worth it.