Colorful Colore is a puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch, published by Drageus Games. This sliding puzzle will give your brain a good workout, but it’ll be relaxing at the same time.

While the puzzles themselves get harder as you along, the gameplay and endpoint of these puzzles are simple. You use the analog stick to slide your colorful square around each level. It’ll slide along the walls until something gets in the way to stop it, like a block. From there, you need to slide in a different direction, all trying to get to the end. The end can be anywhere in the level – on the opposite side, in the middle, or it may be right beside your starting point with a block in between.

If that’s not tricky enough, colors are thrown into the mix. Each level can be a mix of two or three colors – pink, green, and yellow. You’ll begin as one color, and to touch the walls of another color, you need to change to that color. There are circles placed on the map that you need to slide into to change.

Most of the levels require this, hence the game’s title. The end may be in a yellow area while you start as pink. So, your first move is to figure out how to change to yellow before you figure out how to get to the end.

Locks are also involved, sometimes blocking a color change or the end. You need to make your way over to grab the key, which will automatically unlock the way you continue the puzzle. There are also warps, and some levels will have arrows, only allowing you to move in one specific direction.

Colorful Colore is a fairly simple game, and with 50 levels, it will keep you occupied for some time. It’s an easy enough game that you’ll be able to pick up and play whenever you’re itching to solve a puzzle.

However, that’s all there is to the game. There’s no story, no hints, no achievements, nothing. If you don’t get a puzzle right the first time, you simply restart at the beginning. This is a solid puzzle game, and I wish there were more but for the asking price of $2.99, what you get is perfectly fine.

Overall, I enjoyed my time with Colorful Colore. It’s a fun puzzle game, even if it didn’t keep me busy for too long. If you’re looking for something short and sweet that will still give you a bit of a challenge, be sure to pick this one up.