Have you ever wanted to run your own restaurant? Feel like running a Starbucks, or Chipotle like? All of that can be done in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

With its massive menu, and sheer quality in the design of each item on it, there is no shortage of food in this game—there are over 200 foods, sides, drinks, and desserts to choose from!

The game presents two options: create a brand new eatery that is custom-built to your desire, or run a numerous amount of different restaurant types. Although, in order to build everything you desire, you need to play the story mode for each restaurant type. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I am over 10 hours in, and most of my fun has been playing the campaign mode with over 60 hours of content.

While the story-mode isn’t as fleshed out as, perhaps, a Fire Emblem game, it’s still worth the play-through. The story provides some background as to why you have control of your own restaurant and are managing numerous others.

Each of the various restaurants you will manage are part of SherriSoda Tower. The campaign mode spans 400 levels across the 33 restaurants in the building, however, your XP accrues slower when managing a restaurant you own.

The best part of this game besides the diversity in menu items and levels, is difficulty. While every single level in this game is fast-paced and intense, there is also a “Zen” mode available for every level.

I played the majority of my sessions in Zen due to its relaxing nature. It also allowed me to focus on enjoying the cooking aspect and tasty looking food.

The difficulty can be changed in a variety of ways. Zen mode is satisfying because it lets you just experience the joy of cooking, designing your own eatery—All without the worry of rush hours and customer patience having to be met. Stress mode increases the buzz by 50-percent.

My only concern with the difficulty system is you can’t customize each difficulty to your liking when playing the campaign levels of other restaurants in SherriSoda Tower. The only time you are allowed to change the difficulty is when you manage your own restaurant, however you can choose between playing the Zen mode and Standard when playing the campaign. Overall, this was just a minor gripe I had with the difficulty settings, and were not enough to deter me from playing.

Outside of the difficulty, however, the game still provides excellent customization.  Each time you level up, you are leveling up the tower, unlocking more eateries to manage. With it, more decorations can also be unlocked. With my unlocks, I made myself a breakfast joint.

When making your eatery, this game does a great job of giving you creative flexibility both in what you serve and where it is served. The menu can be changed with a variety of recipes that you purchase using an in-game currency system.

I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for intense high-paced fun, or fun couch local co-op. Having seen Overcooked gameplay, I’d say this is a must own for any fans of that franchise. Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! Is the ultimate food tycoon-management game, and the best one on the platform to date. I would recommend to anyone looking for a game like this to ignore those cheap budget food tycoon titles springing onto the Eshop as of late, and instead save up a few more dollars to purchase this game instead.