Back in the day, a whole two years ago, Cut the Rope became my favorite iPhone game. The game was simplistic, entertaining and fun. It was a quick puzzle game that fit perfectly into a smart phone ecosystem. With the announcement of Cut the Rope: Triple Threat, I wondered how the game would transfer over to the 3DS.


I’m sure Cut the Rope is popular enough that it doesn’t need much explaining, so I will move quickly through this. Cut the Rope is simple, the player uses the 3DS bottom screen to “cut the rope” in order to move a piece of candy around different obstacles to collect three gold stars and feed the sugar addicted hungry green monster, Om Nom.

 Now, here is the question that I am sure everyone is wondering. Is $3 worth of games found on a smartphone worth a $30 purchase on the 3DS? If you own a smartphone, probably not.

 Don’t get me wrong; Cut the Rope plays very well on the 3DS. In fact, it may even play a little better with the bigger screen and stylus. No matter, my mind will always be hampered knowing that these three packed in games could easily be purchased for $3 on my iPhone.



Originally my review went on like the previous two paragraphs, and then I played a little more. It was a Friday night, my wife was using the TV to watch wife stuff, I casually picked up the 3DS to play a little Cut the Rope to pass the time. This is when I realized that Cut the Rope works perfectly for the 3DS. In fact, it’s actually a lot more enjoyable than its smart device brother.

The fact that Cut the Rope: Triple Treat packs in three games; Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope: Experiments and Cut the Rope: Time Travel, offering over 650 candy moving levels, makes the game feel full and satisfying. All three games are available at the start and playable at one’s leisure.  Using the 3DS stylus works a lot better than frantically moving ones fat figure over a smart device.


With most of the game focused on the lower screen, the 3D doesn’t offer much in the way of gameplay. While the player becomes engulfed with cutting ropes on the bottom screen, the top offers a closer look at the green creature as he (or she?) waits patiently for the candy to fall. This clearer view Om Nom adds some unnecessary charm but I wouldn’t miss it if it was gone.

Cut the Rope: Triple Treat surprised me with the offering on the 3DS. The games mechanics fit better into Nintendo’s handheld system then I expected. I am still not 100 percent sure of $30 price, but that’s just me. If you are looking for a game to give you a quick, entertaining, break from the day or a big Cut the Rope Fan – Cut the Rope: Triple Treat is the game for you.