The Mandeer are back… for better or worse.  Fresh off Cutie Pets Pick Berries, Yazar Media has returned with Cutie Clash.  This small multiplayer download is quite basic, but unlike its predecessor it’s actually goofy fun.  If you’re looking to have some inexpensive laughs with a few friends,  keep reading.

Cutie Clash - 5 player supportUp to five players (swamp chickens) can duke it out in this game, with the goal of puking on the opposition.  The premise is gross, but the action is fast.  A single hit is all it takes, and character placement is often random – have fun being plopped between spikes.  We found ourselves chuckling almost immediately from the absurd atmosphere and frantic gameplay.

Mandeer will pop up in the background from time to time.  They aren’t overly important though, other than tying Cutie Clash into the whole Cutie Pets universe.  They do trigger the appearance of cluttering crates and the odd powerup, a redundant shield.

Cutie Clash - MandeerThe backgrounds themselves are surprisingly attractive.  We enjoyed the art style, and there is some variety with different dressings for each difficulty mode.  Highlights include the slow motion knockout, and the fireworks victory screen, both with cool musical backings.   You can also add different hats to your birds.

The shortage of moves and levels makes for a brawler that isn’t too deep.  What it does mean though is that Cutie Clash is accessible entertainment.  Almost anyone can dive into the action, and with their controller of choice.  In small doses, you’ll likely need not worry of boredom.  You’ll be far too busy laughing.

Cutie Clash - levelI can forgive the absence of alternate modes, powerups, etc. since this release is only $1.99.  But with multiplayer being as limited as it is, there really is no excuse for not having solo player support.  Having AI controlled characters could’ve expanded this games audience.  By ignoring solo gamers, the developers are hurting themselves.

While it won’t be the star of your next gaming party, Cutie Clash is bound to at least put a grin on the faces of those playing it.  I still don’t understand the developers curious fascination with Mandeer, but I wish to reiterate that this small game is amusing for short bursts.  Even without Miiverse stamps, this is the star of the Cutie Pets series.  And with the price finally reflective of the content, you’ve got little to lose at just the budget price of $1.99.Cutie Clash - banner

Puke your guts out for glory!