De Blob 2 is an action platformer that was first released for the Wii back in 2011. With a few upgrades to the gameplay as well as graphics is this port worth your time again?

Comrade Black is back and once again he is finding a way to suck out all of the color in the world. It is De Blob’s job to once again restore color to the world–this is pretty much the same plot from the first game. However, this time around he has a partner, Pinky, who can help him along the way and even be controlled by a second player.

When I first started playing De Blob 2, it seemed very similar to the first game. Each level had a time limit and a set of goals to complete and completing each goal gave more time to complete each level. The further into the game I traveled, the more differences I started to noticed. New abilities such as wall runs and charging helped out. Levels seemed a little bit more interactive than before. Players have the ability to color cars which they can use to drive around the stage. There are also underground, hidden parts of levels that you could discover which were welcome additions to the game. Another great new feature was collecting inspire points which allow players to upgrade De Blob.

De Blob 2

As mentioned above Pinky is along to help De Blob–this is essentially an addition of a co-op mode. The second player takes control of Pinky who is able to shoot paint at the enemies.  She can also be upgraded using inspire points.

By collecting inspire points players can choose to either upgrade De Blob or Pinky. Upgrades to De Blob include an increase of starting lives, maximum paint size and and less paint used to charge. Pinky’s upgrades include an ammo increase and armor.

De Blob 2 also once again features a party mode keeping the game fresh so if you want to play with more than one or two players, you can–the competitive nature of this makes for great fun.

Anyone who read my prior review of De Blob will remember that control issues and the inability to save within the level were my main complaints. I am happy to say the second time around each one was fixed. Although you cannot quick save at any point in the level, the game still offers midway checkpoints so players don’t have to lose progress if they do not complete the level. Also, the controls seemed much more smooth. I felt much more in control of De Blob. When trying to make jumps things flowed much more seamlessly–something that is very important in a platformer.

De Blob 2

Despite having a very similar feel to the first game, De Blob 2 manages to stand out on its own. The overall storyline does hold it back slightly. However the additions to gameplay, new abilities and the upgrades to De Blob and Pinky add substance. The addition of a Co-op mode also makes playing with a friend enjoyable.