Puzzle your relaxation with DERU - The Art of Cooperation

DERU – The Art of Cooperation is a puzzle game which constantly keeps you thinking as you navigate two black (shadow) and white (light) triangles, squares or circles in unique ways to enable them to be safely placed in an outline of their own image.

When the game starts up, you will be greeted with an aesthetically pleasing main menu, and ambient music that works in tandem with the chill out vibe that both the visual and the audio instills. The levels progressively increase in difficulty in a way that helps you quickly understand the game, both how to succeed and how to fail in a tutorial that will be appreciated by the player – by simply having a few go’s at the game in the first instance.

The game is pretty simple in concept, but you’ll soon find some head-scratching, brain-hurting puzzles, despite the welcome design that allows you to completely make sense of the mechanics within each of the puzzles. Controlling a black and white shape individually with the left and right stick, or playing cooperatively with a friend and taking control of one shape each provides a great platform for problem solving and teamwork. The shadow will block the light and the light will block the shadow – that is basically the essence of solving each puzzle within this game.

The controls feel like they could be tighter, but at the same time, they add to the game, increasing the level of concentration through the dexterity you will need to overcome some challenges. This shouldn’t be seen as a downside as the game provides a bit of leeway and fluidity that adds to the chill out nature the game is centred around.

The Switch is a great platform for those who enjoy the puzzle genre to dip into this relaxing, yet cognitive title, with the control sticks in particular being unsung heroes, and the portability of the console. Playing with a friend will surely add to the value this game brings, and it is sure to provide a great co-operative experience through the inevitable communication this game will be best played with.

The soundtrack is a particular solid component of the game and one that would fit synonymously with a meditation session or background sound to lullaby yourself peacefully to sleep. It’s a puzzler that bends into relaxation and away from frustration which might seem contrary to a typical puzzle game, but it works here.

Ink Kit have put together a fantastically simple puzzle game that is easy to understand and pick up and play either on your own or with a second player. It might suck you in and have you playing for quite some time, but equally, some players who enjoy the puzzle genre might find it as a good game to play in short bursts on a whim, which is especially suited to the portability factor of the Switch.

At $14.99 on the eShop, DERU – The Art of Cooperation is a solid puzzle game to have digitally downloaded into your Switch library, and one you won’t regret if you’re into puzzle games particularly.