Don’t Touch This Button! is one of those games where my initial impressions after watching the trailer matched how I felt after playing the game. The trailer gave the impression that this would be a pretty average first-person puzzle game, and that’s what I found it to be in the end.

Don’t Touch This Button! has one main rule: Don’t do what the computer in the room tells you to do. For example: if it says to hit the button on your right, you’ll have to hit the button on your left to progress. Rarely does the game stray from this idea, with only a handful of levels not having a computer telling you what ‘not’ to do. The puzzles are fairly basic, with no room feeling anything above passable. I never found any of them to be clever; they just kind of do what they have to do. It gave me a strong ‘flash game’ vibe as far as its ideas are concerned.

There’s really not much else to mention about Don’t Touch This Button! other than there’s a handful of glitches I encountered. Most of them weren’t more than a minor bug, but a couple of them were rather game-breaking, both for your benefit and detriment. For the benefits, you can chuck boxes straight through gates that typically require you to solve a puzzle to open and hit the buttons guarded by them to finish levels with ease. You can also glitch boxes into the upcoming rooms. As for detriments, movable blocks occasionally glitch out and are rendered immovable, typically forcing a level restart. And you can throw boxes that you need through walls which can again force a level reset.

Overall, Don’t Touch This Button! is incredibly average. Nothing raises it above the average rating, and a couple of bugs push it slightly lower. If you’re looking for an average cheap 3D puzzle game to kill an hour, here it is.