EA Sports FC 24 for the Nintendo Switch is the latest in the long line of soccer titles. Previously known as FIFA, this series has been around since the 1990s. With the FIFA-EA partnership now defunct, EA Sports FC 24 marks the first major release under its new moniker. And it really sets out to make a statement, bringing a solid experience to the Switch for the first time in years.

FIFA is almost a household name. Anyone who was playing the Super Nintendo in Australia or Europe in the ‘90s will have come across FIFA somewhere along the line. And I’m not even a huge sports gamer. In 2022, EA’s long-time partnership with FIFA came to an end. 

Thankfully, the new title retains something the series is renowned for: licensed players. EA Sports FC 24 features over 19,000 players, 700 teams, and 30 leagues. It brings these real-life champions together to provide “the most authentic football experience ever created.” It might sound like marketing fluff (and it is), but honestly, this game backs up that statement.

EA Sports FC 24 - Nintendo Switch - screen 3

The first thing I noticed about EA Sports FC 24 is the mammoth file size when downloading. This is one title you might want to purchase physically because the download was over 29 GB. Needless to say, there was a lot of archiving to do before I could squeeze it into my roster. 

The next thing I noticed was the need to create an EA account. This process was relatively easy, with an on-screen QR code to give me quick access on my mobile. It could have been much more cumbersome, but I was happy with the setup.

My final observation upon loading the game for the first time was the sheer amount of content on offer. And I don’t just mean options and modes (though that’s certainly present, too). I’m talking about the highly detailed videos and cut scenes that introduce you to the first EA Sports FC outing. It easily explains the large file size, with some impressive visuals on display.

EA Sports FC 24 - Nintendo Switch - screen 1

It would be remiss of me not to mention how these video elements perform on the Switch. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised at the smoothness of it all. There are some small hiccups with players stuttering a little or their feet not quite moving correctly, but it’s generally very good, especially for the little hybrid console that could. I was equally impressed with the short loading times and fluid gameplay during matches.  

Every match begins with a skippable introduction. Skipping it, though, felt somehow wrong. I enjoyed seeing players run onto the field and shake each other’s hands in true comradery. The commentators also do their best pregame spiel while the crowd cheers in anticipation. The word “authentic” really does come to mind. 

Speaking of commentators, the audio is great and adds to the immersive experience. Commentators feel real, with different commentators in every match, so you’re not always stuck with the same voice. We found ourselves yelling at their nitpicky comments on our play style, which felt like something real sports fans would do while watching a live match. Meanwhile, the crowds cheer and boo when things go their way (or not). I’d love to know how many hours’ worth of audio was recorded to keep it sounding fresh. Again, authentic.

EA Sports FC 24 - Nintendo Switch - screen 2

I also need to mention the controls. On the downside, I couldn’t see any kind of tutorial, so our first match was a bit of trial and error as we worked out the moves. On the plus side, the moves are super simple, and we picked things up quickly. My only comparison in terms of football titles is Mario Strikers, and, honestly, EA Sports FC 24 is much easier. Mario’s take on the sport is less realistic, of course, meaning there are power ups and all sorts of interesting moves to pull off. In FC 24, it’s simply a matter of passing and shooting. 

One thing I especially love is the way you automatically switch players to follow the ball. What I mean is this: soccer matches feature 11 players per team. You obviously can’t control them all at once, but the game intuitively selects the nearest player to the ball for you. There’s no need to switch manually (though you can also do this). For example, when my co-op buddy on the couch passed the ball, it went to someone else on our team. As his teammate, I instantly took control of that receiving player. From there, I could run with the ball or pass it on, at which point my partner would again take control of the next player to receive the ball. It works well and helps the game’s momentum stay on track. 

As someone who hasn’t played this series before, apart from a small outing in the ‘90s on the SNES, I was pleasantly surprised at what was on offer. For long-time fans, though, this is a welcome return to form for the series, particularly on the Switch. The frame rate may suffer slightly compared to the more powerful consoles, but the Switch version gives fans the complete experience nonetheless, as long as 30fps doesn’t bother you. It didn’t bother me in the slightest.  

Overall, EA Sports FC 24 is an ambitiously big title. It features an astounding number of real-life players and teams, and there’s no shortage of content for fans to enjoy. Even this non-sports enthusiast managed to get into things, making this about as authentic as you can on the Switch. Despite a few graphical blips and an overwhelming menu system, this is an easy title to recommend to fans.