Epic Word Search Collection 2 is a word search puzzle game from Lightwood Games. This game comes with four word search packs, each containing well over 1,500 words. Needless to say, if you enjoy word searches, you won’t be bored with this title.

The four packs within this second word search game are Epic American Word Search, Epic Rock Word Search, Epic Summer Word Search, and Epic Monster Word Search. Each of these packs contains 16 word searches based on their respective themes. These word searches are stitched together in a massive scrollable grid.

Each section is color-coded, and the words you need to search for will appear as you get closer to another puzzle. If a word is on your screen (fully or partially) it’ll appear in the list. If you scroll too far, and the word is no longer visible, the word will disappear from the list.

I don’t mind the way this is set up. You can easily press the X button to see the entire grid and the completion percentages for each section to understand whether you’ve completed a part or not. However, I do have one nitpick: I would have preferred to not scroll each individual section.

I would have rather viewed each section as a whole instead of needing to scroll through each line to find a particular word. It got straining on my eyes after a while. Of course, I also played the game in handheld mode, because that’s how I prefer to play my Switch games. I’m sure it would have been less straining on the big screen, but I had the game on my Switch Lite so I couldn’t test it out.

The game is relaxing overall. There are unlimited hints, should you need a little extra help; the puzzles are not timed; it automatically saves your progress, and it’s accompanied by classical piano music which I personally love.