A beautiful tale set in a troubling time.

Ever Forward is an adventure puzzle game that tells the story of a girl named Maya. In the midst of a global pandemic, the World’s put on lockdown and the population is forced to stay inside. Maya, being  just a little girl, tells us this story through what seems to be both imagination and reality. Maya’s mother seems to be part of a team of scientists involved in the pandemic. By listening to her conversations and phone calls, Maya is able to understand what’s going on behind the scenes.

The game starts on a beach. You see a big cube of some sort, and you’re given the option to head inside. These cubes are all around your world, and they allow you to initiate the puzzles that tell the story.

The puzzles themselves require getting from one place to the next without being seen by some sort of robot. If that happens, the robot will attack and start you from the beginning of the puzzle. You will know whether you’re in view as a blue field of vision indicates where the robot is looking. If you run between these lines, they turn red and you’ll get shot. If you stay out, you’re safe. However, if you jump or make noise, the robot will turn to look at you, and shoot you then, too. You can get around it through a series of actions, whether it’s waiting for it to turn another way and running for it, distracting it by throwing a block, or hiding behind a wall.

Completing a puzzle usually requires a combination of stealth, puzzle solving, and light platforming, and there’s often more than one way to get through. Of course, these puzzles get harder as you progress. When in these puzzle worlds, you can get around by running from one puzzle to the next, or even flying with the help of some little robot.

The controls for this game are pretty simple; movement is handled with the analog stick, you jump with the A button, and interact with X. You are given instructions at the start, and a guide can be found in the settings if you ever forget.

The amazing visuals are perhaps Ever Forward’s greatest asset. Wherever you are in the world, the setting is beautiful. With a wide range of climates—from a sunny beach to snowy mountains,—you will find yourself at peace wherever you go. The music also adds to the overall tranquil feeling.

The story of Ever Forward is really good and one to which we can all relate, especially in this day and age. Seen through the eyes of a child, the game provides a different feel which adds to the unique mood. Though the game is challenging, it is also fun and never impossible to get through. Feeling for Maya, this story will captivate you, as will the gameplay and its cycle of fun.