SKIPMORE’s Fairune 2 has shed the mobile origins of its debut for 3DS exclusivity. Are you a fan of the original NES Legend of Zelda? If so, there’s a good chance this quality eShop sequel is for you.

The initial story (what little is presented) will be familiar to those who played the first game. In fact the early gameplay in general is very reminiscent of its predecessor … for better or worse. However just when you might start to grow tired of the familiar sights and puzzles, things begin getting much more diverse. Fairune 2 reveals itself to be a considerably lengthier adventure.

fairune-2-towerWith this increase in size comes an increase in challenge. Fairune 2 will put your skills to the test! It’s not a result of the monster battles, which are really too basic (just charging into them) , but rather the puzzles. Many if not most demand a high level of careful observation. Expect to kick yourself for failing to recognize clues you passed by earlier – I know I did. It evokes some real nostalgia.

fairune-2-mysteryThat said, I certainly recognize that the difficulty could prove divisive, especially since this is such a longer sequel. I freely admit that I found some of the backtracking quite tedious. Check Miiverse for some clues if you get stuck for too long – the community is active with those seeking hints for these old school challenges.

fairune-2-snowThe old school quality carries over into the game’s aesthetics. Hopefully you’re hankering for a retro design. The colorful pixel art of Fairune 2 remains compelling and cool – I especially like the look of the bright snow with falling flakes. It is a shame however that there is no option for 3D effects. On the audio end, there’s some delightful music tracks. These are one of the bigger highlights for Fairune 2, and don’t be surprised if you find a tune stuck in your head when playing the game at length.

fairune-2For those who might be hesitant about spending $6.99, I really think experiencing the first game can help you decide. It’ll also give a taste of the challenges, and the sense of accomplishment that  comes from besting them. You can check out the free demo or download the full original for just $2.99 If you like it, you’ll like this sequel.

A satisfying sequel, Fairune 2 will keep you playing for a long while with its challenge, and even more so if you aim to 100% your achievements and collections. It’ll particularly appeal to those gamers with retro sensibilities. Good job SKIPMORE and Circle.

Come and reveal the whole mystery of Fairune!fairune-2-intro