Farm Manager 2022 is a simulation and strategy game published by Ultimate Games. I have played my fair share of simulation games, and who doesn’t love a good farming simulation? So, let’s see if this particular game stood out from the rest.

Nintendo Switch Review of Farm Manager 2022 |

I’ll start with my only complaint: the controls. While the controls get better as you go, it’s a huge learning curve. There are a lot of features in this game, so there are many controls to remember. Farm Manager 2022 has an optional tutorial, which I skipped. I prefer figuring out the controls myself as I play, and how difficult could a simulation game be?

(I went back to the tutorial after struggling for about 15 minutes with my first task because I couldn’t figure out how to call someone.)

The buttons on the Joy-Con do multiple things that can be hard to remember at first. But the more you play, the more you’ll figure it out. This is a “complaint” to me because I prefer to pick up and play simulation games without worrying about how to do something. Everything else about Farm Manager 2022 is excellent.

Nintendo Switch Review of Farm Manager 2022 |

It’s not a typical business simulation where you plant crops, feed your animals, and watch them grow. You don’t hire employees just to sit back and watch them do all the work. Instead, you’ll need to make decisions about the farm and the employees, ensure equipment is up to code, and handle natural disasters.

This game also has a few different modes. The first is the tutorial, which is fairly in-depth. Then, there’s the career mode. This is how to play if you want to get the most out of the game. In addition, a scenario mode allows you to perform various tasks and challenges on an established farm. So, it’s side quests, in a way. Finally, there’s a sandbox called free mode. You’ll have free rein to do what you want on your own farm and not worry about money, unlocking items, or anything else. 

Nintendo Switch Review of Farm Manager 2022 |

No matter what mode you choose, there is strategy involved. The employees have their own skill sets, so choose wisely who you hire and where to put them on the farm. Also, weather conditions are a huge portion of the game. When it comes to planting crops, you can’t put all the strawberries in a corner and all the corn in another, making it look pretty. You’ll need to figure out when to plant certain crops.

Finally, the music was pleasant to listen to, and the graphics were up to par. This game is aesthetically pleasing. However, the text on-screen was relatively small and sometimes difficult to read. Whether I played the game in handheld mode or docked on the TV didn’t matter. 

Overall, this is one of the most realistic simulation games I’ve ever played without real-life stress. Once you get past the learning curve of the controls and all the features the game has to offer, Farm Manager 2022 is a fun game that you’ll sink hours into.