An incandescent gaming experience.

Filament is a unique puzzle game in which you play as a character stranded on a derelict spaceship. Your goal is to complete tasks to help bring the ship back to life, while also figuring out what happened to its crew. But is this a mystery worth solving?

The tasks in Filament all have the same basic idea—connect a long wire to specific light beams, then leave through a door once all are lit. There are different ways to light these beams, as well as multiple levels within a puzzle. The puzzles start off fairly easy, getting harder as you play on. While I did get stuck a couple of times, I was able to continue on after some trial and error. Well, that and the hint system.

The actual gameplay is pretty easy. You will find you are some sort of plug entering a room. As you walk around, you’ll see a wire is connected to your back. You need to connect the wire to each beam that sticks out from the ground by simply touching it to the beam. Some beams must be connected in order by color, height, or by convenience.

Because you are not able to cross wires, you have to connect each light while also allowing yourself to leave through a second door that opens once all lights are lit correctly. In some levels, you can also have more than one wire to connect.

How long it takes you to complete each level will vary. This is definitely one of those games where you could spend 30 minutes on a level with no luck, only to come back later and solve it in a few tries. A great feature is that you can leave a level and move on to another when you’re having trouble, then go back to it later.

If found that Filament has a certain lonely, peaceful feel as you play it. The graphics really add to this, as does the music. There is not a lot of scenery since you are stranded on a spaceship. Somehow, though, the artists were able to give each room a different vibe along with the puzzles. This all combines to create a relaxing atmosphere that alleviates the frustration of being stuck in the more difficult rooms.

While Filament is mostly centered around its puzzles, the storyline is also super cool. It’s told to you by Juniper, the ship’s pilot who is also stuck on the ship. Thankfully, she’s able to use the ship’s communications to help guide you through. When the puzzles get too tricky, she alone may be the reason you’ll want to keep playing.

Filament is a game more for those who enjoy a good puzzle to exercise their brain. I wouldn’t say I’m the best when it comes to these types of puzzles, but I was still able to complete most of them…even if it took a while.