Fit My Cat is a puzzle game developed and published by RedDeerGames. It’s a cute, cozy game where you organize cats into boxes and…well, that’s about it.

Each level contains a box and a handful of cats. The cats vary in shape and size. Some can fit within one square inside the box; others take up six or eight squares. Also, cats can be different shapes, taking up L-shaped squares. Think of the blocks from Tetris, and that’s what you have here, except it’s cats.

The objective is to fit all the cats in the box. You can rotate the cats to help them fit better, but obstacles are in the way. Within the boxes, balls of yarn or cat trees may take up space. So, how do you rotate all the cats to fit comfortably?

That’s all there is to the game. Aside from the range of cats and the box sizes differing from level to level, the gameplay can become repetitive. Overall, it’s quite simple. I didn’t get stuck until level 41, almost halfway through the game. A few levels did not utilize all the squares in the box. I caught on quickly enough to count how many spaces the cats would take up and then count all the squares in the box to know whether I’d need to use all the space.

Unfortunately, Fit My Cat isn’t perfect. Even with only three buttons—selecting a cat, moving them, and rotating them—the controls weren’t always responsive. I didn’t notice an issue until the later levels, so I wonder if the controls become confused the more cats there are on screen.

Regardless, it became frustrating—the L-stick hovers over a cat before selecting and moving them. Moving them was never an issue, just selecting them. It was almost as if the cursor got stuck in the box with the cats. I’d move the stick in all directions, always switching between two or three cats. I needed to wait until the cursor caught on with what I wanted, or I’d have to reset the level and start over. It made an overall relaxing experience annoying at times.

What I liked most about Fit My Cat was the lack of pressure. The music is soothing, with cats meowing now and then. There are no timers and no lives. You can start and restart a puzzle whenever you need to. It also autosaves, so you can do one puzzle here, another puzzle there, and take your time overall. With over 90 levels, this game will keep you busy. Not to mention, the graphics are charming.

Overall, Fit My Cat is a great option if you’re a fan of simple puzzle games with no stakes. Just remember that the controls can sometimes have a mind of their own.