Do you enjoy RPGs, rogue-likes, dungeon crawls and open-world adventures? Is having a purpose and storyline imperative to your gameplay? Would you like to die repeatedly at the hands of fate so that you can start over and use the points you earned to unlock cool new gear and classes? Then look no further! “For The King” offers you all of these features and more.

This game boasts an even mix of persistent locations and lore allowing you to maintain your suspension of disbelief while mixing in just the right amount of random events and encounters to keep you on your toes.

However, players beware! This game also includes “push your luck” elements that tempt you into making unwise decisions to get that extra edge. Many an adventuring party has died with the words “75%? I can do that!” fresh on their lips. Managing your fate points wisely will be vital if you want to win this game!

Some times the grind of starting a party, slaying the monsters and reaching the inevitable wall that you can’t get past (because you haven’t unlocked the strong enough equipment or class to defeat certain scenarios) can be a little bit daunting. But don’t let that get you down! Get one of your friends to play with you and enjoy the online co-op mode!

The one downside to this game is its linear storyline of the main plot. While you will get different side quests, gear and events as you play the game you will find that the main storyline does not change and the choices you make don’t have an effect on the progression of the game. However, I find the game to overall be immersive and entertaining. This is a great addition to anyone’s Switch library and functions just as well on the TV at home or in handheld form. The controls are explained on the screen while you play even after the tutorial is finished.

All in all, For the King is a seamless port to the Switch and fun experience! You are going to die and you will probably grumble about it. But then you will spend your well-earned lore points on a new event, encounter, item or class and hit that new game button one more time to start a new adventure all over again. I encourage anyone who enjoys RPG’s or rogue-likes to get a copy and see just how far you can get! Until next time, good gaming.