Golfinite is a golf sim for the Nintendo Switch developed by Pmurph Games and published by RedDeer Games. It takes the art of teeing off and converts it into a simple-yet-fun virtual outing, despite its flaws.

The premise is simple: learn the ropes on the golf course, undergo some practice sessions, and then tee off in a tournament to test your skills. There’s no story, no avatar creation; you don’t even get to name your character. This detracts a little from being truly engaged with the game.

If you end up in the top three spots within a tournament, you unlock the next course. There are four to play through: Pristine Pines, Dusty Dunes, Grand Grove, and Serene Sky. Each has a different color scheme and varied traps, but they essentially play the same. Golf is golf, right? In order to partake in a tournament, though, you need to earn stars by taking on a few practice sessions. This helps add longevity to the game while providing a nice way to get the swing of things. Pun intended. 

Golfinite - Nintendo Switch - screen 2

You’ll also earn coins that can be spent at the Caddy Shack, a shop that boasts interesting additions to your golfing arsenal. Various items will aid in your tournament by allowing you to do things like control your ball in mid-air. It adds some variety, though I found that I didn’t really need them.

The graphics are a highlight. Golfintie presents a pixelated retro style that suits it. The user interface also looks nice, with a clean menu that presents well. Some of the audio matches this retro vibe, like the sound of the ball being hit. The tunes are also a treat, despite their repetition. To me, the soundtrack had twinkly vibes reminiscent of a very simple homage to Secret of Mana. No, the soundtrack is nowhere near as robust or varied as that classic title, but nevertheless, that’s the vibe I got. Overall, the aesthetics help Golfinite feel like a title from the early ‘90s, which is a good thing for players into that period. 

Golfinite - Nintendo Switch - screen 1

The colorful courses present a nice mix of terrain. To help keep things varied, there are obstacles to overcome. Naturally occurring obstacles include the sand traps, bodies of water, and trees that you would expect to find on a golf course. Golfinite adds a few unique traps of its own, though. These include warp holes that transport your ball elsewhere on the course, and animals that interact with the ball by moving it as well. These are a neat inclusion, though they’re easy enough to avoid. I also appreciate the ability to switch these obstacles off if you’re looking for a more genuine golfing experience. 

A few things are missing from Golfinite. There’s no multiplayer mode or leaderboards. It would be fun to compete with others in a tournament, rather than random AI names on a scoreboard. A leaderboard would also be a welcome addition to incentivise replay. I did really well in my second attempt at a tournament, but it’s not saved or displayed anywhere. Where are my bragging rights?

Gameplay is simple and generally easy. There are no difficulty settings. Once I got the hang of things, I had no trouble winning tournaments. The buttons are fine for the most part, though I question the decision to map both the ability to change your club and change your swing’s direction both to the L-stick. It’s easy to accidentally change your club by hitting up instead of left. 

Golfinite - Nintendo Switch - screen 3

I would also like to be able to scroll around the course while playing, but I can’t. There is a map, which helps, but I only accidentally found that by looking at the controls. It’s not mentioned on-screen. 

Overall, Golfinite is a cute little golf sim that sports a few neat ideas coupled with a retro style that looks and sounds nice. It’s a simple affair that could benefit from some tweaks or extras. I still enjoyed my time with it, for what it’s worth.